To experience Sushi festival feast at the best lunch & dinner restaurant in Delhi

Best Restaurant in DelhiSushi is a cuisine made by mastermind chefs by adding varieties in vegetarian & non-vegnon vegetarian. To taste the variants of this dish you enjoy the sushi festival.  We all love festivals, and following the festive trend, Sushi festival is being organized every year. In Delhi you can explore Sushi festival at En – a Japanese restaurant.  In the Sushi Festival you can explore all different types of Sushi like Uramaki and Nigiri any many more.

Interestingly, Sushi is an inexpensive dish highly liked by its amazing taste and elegant presentation. To enjoy nutritious values of the dish sense great taste you can walk towards En Book your table at En and enjoy Sushi Festival @ 1500/-.

sushi festival

Arrive at the En which is the perfect place to treat food in delight mood, Join us on Monday to Friday  to be a part of the festivity. En is beautifully organizing the festivity for its valued guests. Render Sushi and enjoy Have spanking day with delicious Japanese dish in different shapes and sizes with your friends.

Sushi is basically cylindrical roll formed with seafood, meat, vegetables or fruits wrapped with vinegared rice and nori shee. With changing trends and taste Now the dish is prepared in various pattern, adding avocado and mayonnaise crab meat, salmon.


At this festival, you can relish other varieties like Prawn Tempura Uramaki served with spicy mayo, Dragon Roll with Avocado and Cream Cheese Uramaki, Spicy Tuna Roll made with Tobanjan so explore well and feel the enthralling mood of the celebration.

At EN Experience the enticing taste of Sushi with our chef’s exclusively menu, you can book restaurant table online and   Food in En is just divine! So feel the legendary culinary heritage of Japan at En since it is the best Sushi Restaurants in Delhi NCR.


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  1. Divya Tripathi says:

    nicely explained about the Sushi festival and it’s variants …. Surely we will go to En and explore the festival


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