Brunch a feast to enjoy family gathering

In the late 19th century Brunch originated in England and later became popular in the United State.  The word is a combination of breakfast and lunch eaten usually during the late morning to early afternoon. The meal is usually dedicated to the holidays or weekends or a lazy Sunday where we search to get an excuse to make feast or good food for our family.


The feast is commonly enjoyed on a Saturday or Sunday early afternoon. Now the brunch culture is well adopted in different parts of country. This is a lingering time which will certainly give you a great feel where you enjoy the breakfast food, coffee, and cocktails as they catch up on the week’s gossip with friends, family or their latest celebrations.

Certainly, if you are looking for a place to enjoy your brunch, there is constant debate and endless lists dissecting where restaurant serves the best brunch in the city. In a country like India, we love our food and restaurateurs keep upping the game in the culinary arena and now brunch is market-driven where one need to but focus on the standards and seasonal food items for the guests.

However, just once in a while, guest comes to enjoy the brunch where one need to focus on the quality of the food. Customers come across a restaurant which blows them away and he search for the best option, so keeping their taste in the mind, En is focusing on both the quality and services. En is finest dining place which gives a pleasing experience and a tasty meal. The food celebrates dishes across the country and gets presented in unique ways. One will get perfect flavour combinations and touch.

One does not feel like you are out here only for your meal, you are feeling like enjoying food while sitting at home in comfort. For just a little walk in the southern part and your brunch is ready for you.


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