Culinary enchantments at Sushi Festival in Delhi

The traditional Japanese Sushi festival is meant to remember diversity of delicious food on your table.  To celebrate Sushi festival, Japanese light candles on the table and enjoy food at home. If we go back to understand the origin of the festival, we can see that around 12-13 century in Japan, tuna was called “shibi,” which rhymed with “day of dead”  in Japanese. They took this as a bad luck and avoid eating shibi.

In 19th century people invented nigiri sushi and considered eating tuna as low class but gradually sushi  become popular and  people started eating with different flavors. Waking up in the morning you will get to witness En Japanese restaurant in the lane of south Delhi to  experience Sushi Festival. In the kitchen of En you will probably see fish and seafood that you’ve never seen before in any festival. The festival takes place from Monday to Friday where you can have the best lunch & dinner restaurant in Delhi.

India is very big to serve Japanese food; there are venues in Delhi where one can get classy Japanese dining as per their choice. To rejoice the taste find Sushi Restaurants in Delhi NCR and get Japanese age-old favorites like tempura and sushi. We make you sure that you will get visual appeal of the eatery and the quintessential Japanese presentation of food.

In the Sushi festival you can taste different flavors some are as follows:

Ginger flavored Sushi – The flavor of ginger in sushi functions as an antibacterial against raw fish, which can carry parasites. One can enjoy the dish sprinkled with pickles and other fresh ingredients. Ginger not only brings fresh flavor but also cleanse one’s palette.

Ginger flavored Sushi

California Roll  – The story goes of California roll in America which was prepared using avocado in the regular menu to make it highly delicious. California roll has become the most popular sushi item in America which you can taste in this Sushi festival.

California Roll 

Sashimi raw fish – Sashimi means sliced meat which can be beef or fresh fish. Food lovers can enjoy the Beef Sashimi.” chicken sashimi in the Japanese Sushi festival with vegetable sashimi as well.

Sashimi raw fish

Book restaurant table online in between Monday to Friday to experience festivity in a unique way in a restaurant near by Qutub Minar

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