Make this Valentine’s Day Special with EN

To make your Valentine’s Day sizzling and happening, you can walk to EN and enjoy stream running light in the middle of this place on the terrace. And experience the mouthwatering Japanese food. Valentine’s Day is your special celebration in floral and romantic way with your beloved ones. With your partner, feel special and enjoy the light soft music and experience the authentic Japanese food.

valentines day special

All in the name of St. Valentine every 14 February, across the globe candy, flowers and gifts are being exchanged between loved ones. But there is always a question about this mysterious saint, if we see the history, we can say that 14 February is centuries-old holiday, from ancient Roman rituals where people use to send greetings and flowers to each other. February sunshine brings it ecstasy and a sense of vibrancy in the air on the 14th of February.

In the month of February, Delhi starts to throw on the color of love on its shoulders and is adorned with the color of passion – streets turn to read with its lovely red roses and hearts shapes balloons. In February love keeps develop at almost every nook and corner of the city where cupids are in full throttle. With this romantic celebration, you can see increase in the visibility of scarlet roses and different heart shapes candies, heart shaped pizzas, heart shaped balloons, heart shaped cakes and even heart shaped clouds for some. With spring announcing, the celebration of Valentine’s Day can be seen in the hotels and malls. .

EN Valentines Day Menu food lounge is extremely beautiful where the couple can perfectly celebrate Valentine’s Day. EN ambience and rooftop ensures you to enjoy you celebration in mesmerizing interiors and exceptionally beautiful so take a vow to have wonderful dinner party with your partner. Delhi becomes a blissful place for lovers with special performances and shows happening around Valentine’s Day.
The city’s restaurants and hotels decorate their eateries in the hues of love and offer various offers in their restaurants. Not only this, the craze of this festival has increased and considering that in EN you will find different way to make your date interesting and full of celebration and parties. There are good number of ways to make your Valentine’s Day special at En, so whisk away your heritage and plan your dinner in one of the of the Most Romantic Restaurants in Delhi.

Keeping it more special on Valentine days, we have planned your unique celebration where you will enjoy your day with your loved one. EN loves to celebrate everything and anything for those who are party seeker and love to enjoy time. While coming here the couple can enjoy the day and have fun with their loved ones in our restaurant and enjoy the authentic Japanese food. For you wonderful party, we keep it somber and calm with a candle light dinner.

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