EN Japanese Restaurant – a perfect weekend gateway!

EN is a beautiful place to enjoy Japanese cuisine in the ultra uber chic Mehrauli district, near qutub minar. one will find the peace of mind after entering this surreal, calm and bright ambience with minimalist decor. The En restaurant has a touch of old colonial architecture (lot of resemblance I found with my native place North Kolkata), may be due to the building belongs to that era. There are three giant room with around 60-80 pax seating arrangement and a small room with perfect for family dine in. Also sushi bar and 3 tiered terrace is perfect party place!

EN Japanese RestaurantEN Japanese Restaurant EN Japanese Restaurant EN Japanese Restaurant EN Japanese Restaurant

coming to food, we started with Appetizer three kind consists of :-

Hijiki salad – brown seaweed, edamame, shiitake (edible mushroom) and astuage tofu (fried tofu) braised in soya sauce

Nanbanzuke – pickled fish (fried and then marinated in vinegar) infused with yuzu soya

Potato salad prepared with mayonise, zucchini and carrot

after that my fav tempura arrived !
Assorted tempura – batter fried prawns, squid amd vegetables (zucchini etc.) served with tentsuyu dip which is a combination of soya, sake and mirin, dashi (cooking stock used in japanese food)

I had EN old fashioned, the classic cocktail prepared with stirring bourbon and bitters with apple juice with the tempura. The Tokyo LIIT was also a good cocktail. I loved the calm and compose atmosphere they created with the music that were playing. A perfect place for a romantic date!

if you love pork, you shouldn’t miss this.
Buta kakuni served with ohitashi – buta kakuni is pork belly braised for 28 hour, slow cooked in soya, sake, dashi and aromatic pork stock. Ohitashi is japanese side dish of blanched greens in dashi marinade. Here pokchoy (chinese cabbage) was served cold with soy and kombucha infused dashi in the form of ohitashi.

En Restaurant En Restaurant En Restaurant En Restaurant En Restaurant En Restaurant

Assorted sushi platter, for all maki roll lovers – It consists of Aburi salmon roll (baked salmon and asparagus roll with egg), philadelphia roll (cream cheese salmon roll), rainbow roll (squid and tuna roll with avacado), spicy salmon roll (spicy Salmon and asparagus roll), chumaki (medium size rice inside nori/seaweed roll) and tekka maki (fresh tuna roll). my favorite was the Philadelphia roll, the cream cheese and salmon combination was heavenly.

En Restaurant En Restaurant En Restaurant En Restaurant

For main course we went for :-

Tappan ginger chicken cooked in soya ginger sauce and tappan seabass cooked in sweet and mild spicy miso sauce served with garlic rice. Very mild in taste, not spicy. So you will like it if you love non spicy food.

Desserts which are not to be missed :- blanc manger – milk pidding with vanilla beans, fresh fruits and champagne jelly

Baked cheese cake and chiffon cake were yummy. Chiffon cake was very light and cheese cake was a delicious one.

En Restaurant En Restaurant En Restaurant En Restaurant En Restaurant

CR: https://www.foodandtravel.in/single-post/2018/04/22/EN-Japanese-Restaurant-a-perfect-weekend-gateway

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