Fine Dining Japanese Cuisine, with a finer view at En, Mehrauli.

Rarely, you come across a place that has got almost every aspect, just right. And when you discover such a place, you are simply delighted much. This is what sums up our experience at En Restaurant . From the moment we stepped in, to the moment we drove out, we were delightfully surprised by every single aspect of the experience. Located opposite the mighty Qutub Minar, it offers a majestic view of the historical monument from the terrace.

The well lit ambience welcomed us with signature colonial interior.  High ceilings, arched doors, and thick walls. There’s something so very alluring about old world charm. Comfortably seated, we placed our order. And since we were starving, ours was a fairly elaborate order.

Assorted Appetisers: Kinpira, Hijiki, Potato Salad

Assorted Tempura

Miso Soup (Prawn Stock)

Braised Pork


Sushi  Nigri

Sushi Aburi

Baked Cheese Cake

Honey Chiffon Cake

The first bite of the appetisers was just delicious. The subtle flavours, the sting of the accompaniments and the culmination of myriad ingredients, made it a new and delicious experience for us. The Soup with the signature prawn flavour was nice. But since, I was trying it for the first time, I took some time to adapt to the flavours.  Nonetheless, a good experience.

Talking about the Sushis, they were definitely amongst the better ones I had in town. Loved the texture of salmon and dashimaki tamago. Go for it. But the star of the evening was the braised pork. Slow cooked for more than 28 hours and served with nimono vegetables, delicious is an understated adjective for this preparation. The subtle flavours with the sting of mustard from the accompaniment, makes it a dish to remember for quite some time. Loved it! The dessert too weren’t bad. Decent, and was liked much by us.

Sushi Platter

Add to it, the service by Rohit Singh. Prompt, well versed with the preparation details, and service with a smile. He ensured that we have a memorable time. Thank you!



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